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Employee Benefits

about 1 month ago

·        Terrific children to serve!

·        Competitive  salaries. 

·        Mentor program for new hires. Supportive administration, faculty & staff to assist new staff.  Professional Development Toolkit for New & Beginning Teachers

·        Group health insurance program - School Board Pays over 80% of the individual cost. Learn More about our Group Health Plan.

·        Vision and dental plans are included in the group health insurance plan and the premiums are part of the group health insurance rates.

·        Full school board paid contribution to the Virginia Retirement System with term life insurance: Learn More about the Virginia Retirement System.  Read the VRS Member Newsletter

·        One day per month of contract for sick leave and availability of optional sick leave bank for extended or catastrophic illness or injury.

·        Three personal leave days per year.

·        Section 125 Flexible Benefits Program including Unreimbursed Medical & Dependent Care Savings Plans.

·        Availability of tax sheltered annuities, optional insurances, and other payroll services.  See Employee Retirement Savings Newsletter for 2011-2012.

·        Vacation for 12 month employees based upon service in the Virginia Retirement System:   0 - 5 years service = 12 days, 6 -10 years service = 15 days, 11-15 years = 18 days; over 15 years = 21 days.

·        Holidays for 12 month employees - varies each year depending on the how the calendar falls for Winter Break and Spring Break;  generally, the holidays will include 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Winter Break (varies), New Year's (1 day),  Spring Break (varies).  A Holiday Schedule is distributed at the beginning of each school year.

·        Smyth Awards - Via a peer recommendation process, 10 division-wide winners will be presented a check for $1,000, a plaque and certificate to recognize excellence in their profession.  Awards are given at the annual "All County Day" convocation.

TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES:  Each year the SAW Foundation funds "trips of a lifetime" for a few classroom teachers in the hopes that the teacher's lives will be enriched and that this excitement can filter down to the children in the classroom.  Each May applications for proposed trips are submitted to the Foundation and awards are announced shortly thereafter in hopes that trips can be completed during the summer or on school breaks so that classroom instruction is not negatively impacted.